Oct. 31st, 2025


Aug. 10th, 2016

[No Subject]

Hi everyone! I'm moving my heart and mind over to [info]septimussmith.

If you would feel so inclined, please friend that journal and join me there.

Dec. 2nd, 2015

STOP the P R E S S E S

Today is Dawn's birthday! ([info]ghanima)

Besides being the fearless leader over at [info]jaha, she is an all around fabulous human being. WE LOVE YOU DAWN!!! HAVE A SUPER WONDERFUL DAY!

You are ...

♥ ♥ ♥

Feb. 20th, 2014

[No Subject]

OH GOOD GOD. Look, everybody. I've always had a bit of thoughts regarding SNAPS (like, that's cool, but ...) because we ought to be telling each other how much we're in love with our cabal of badass ladies & gents every day. DO YOU GET IT? YOU HAVE A NETWORK OF INTERNATIONAL NERDY MOTHERFUCKING CONTACTS. That is so cool. But serious. For srs serious. I'mma do something here, & feel free to participate.


How brave are you? Be brave, little duck. Post your name to this entry, & let your friends send you sassy anonymous comments about how lovely you are. The rules are that the comments have to be anonymous (FEEL FREE TO GUESS THE RESPONDER!) & they have to be positive. If you start some negative shit, you'll feel my Southern Belle wrath.

But seriously? It's February. It's gray. We've all been in the middle of one hell of a winter.

Let's throw a little sunshine.

... AND ... GO ...

Feb. 11th, 2014

[No Subject]

In the interest of maintaining sanity and a regular need to channel Ernest Hemingway, I'm offering up six word stories. Comment with a character of yours and a character of mine.

Then, I'll respond in six words - no more, no less!

Nov. 5th, 2013

[No Subject]


But I’ve grown thoughtful now. And you have lost
Your early-morning freshness of surprise
At being so utterly mine: you’ve learned to fear
The gloomy, stricken places in my soul,
And the occasional ghosts that haunt my gaze.

Oct. 14th, 2013

If cancelling the apocalypse is your thing ...

Attention all PPDC recruits! [info]jaegerbomb is now open for holds right here! Come play with me, [info]byzantium & [info]stark in a 3-month pre-Pacific Rim GPSL!!

Oct. 7th, 2013

a query.

What are the rules for writing an engaging - and still feminist - narrative without resorting oneself to the typical "flirty, strong woman" stereotypes? When does narrative end and personal wish fulfillment begin?

Do these questions actually matter to anyone else except me?

Aug. 19th, 2013

[No Subject]

I feel emotionally manipulated by True Blood & I don't like it.

& a one sentence/flash-fic meme, for tune up needs.
Choose one of my characters, one of your characters & a colour. I will proceed to write a little something in no more than three sentences.

Jul. 20th, 2013

My only love, Ms Margaret Carter

Alright, you've all been warned well in advance so this isn't going to come to anyone as one iota of surprise when I tell you that Peggy Carter is my very own Mayan death goddess and I've loved her, I love playing her and I thoroughly love owning every bit of glass ceiling cracking badass behavior she exhibits. So, I'm going to freak out about all the leaks regarding her Marvel One Shot beneath the cut.

Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. )

This one-shot not only opens up a whole world for vintage SHIELD-related shenanigans but also makes me so gleeful. All of that chafing, all of that hard work and spunk pays off and she is the co-mastermind behind one of the world's most deadly anti-villain organizations.

That's fucking awesome. And I'm not going to run out of keyboard smashes for it, either.

Mar. 27th, 2013

[No Subject]

Attention members of [info]thedoorwaymods! Please feel free to use this post as a place to celebrate the hard-work and effort of Dawn, Laura and Dea ... our fearless captains. We don't send them love nearly often enough so I wanted to take this opportunity to make naughty eyes at them. I thought maybe you would too.

Ladies, thank you for creating an environment for people to meet others, use their skills to create other worlds and to do things they might not have had the opportunity to do. I certainly am sure that no place would have welcomed letting me play a character from Mrs. Dalloway! I let my nerd flag fly. And I appreciate your willingness to let me wave it. ♥

Mar. 8th, 2013

& as a counterpoint to brutal.

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you THREE reasons why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love

[No Subject]

It's going to take a Herculean effort to get me through not melting down at someone today. I am not suffering fools and I can feel that desire for a fight deep in my bones. Punching a face would be great but since I cannot do that, I should vacillate between actually working and filling my need for brutality with drabbles. So if that tells you anything, request at your own discretion.
Choose one of your characters, one of my characters and a prompt. I'll write something for you (medium is my choice) and that's that. Please restrict your requests to 3 at a time!

Jan. 13th, 2013


Without further ado, I would like to invite you to hold or apply for characters at [info]resistance! While our holds are pretty open & our application process is rather off the beaten path, I would like to request that you keep in good contact with us. If the character or the idea isn't sticking, be honest. You can try something else, someone else can try that character and we can all work together to be quite awesome.

One more note of caution for you, lovelies. I would like to remind you of the following on the player guide page:
Game mechanics are: you'll receive a monthly plot-calendar with prompts here and there, but you will essentially be responsible for making sure you hit all the marks and build your own plot. This writing project does not involve magically linked journal networks. There are no warding parties or comment wars. We invite you to use your personal journal to write personal entries and use your owls. Essentially, the bulk of your writing should come from logs and from personal entries. Your mods are not here to 'mod' as such: we're here to make the comms pretty, post the calendar, and then our mods hats come off so that we can write along. All players are expected to log, to talk to other players and to take care of themselves. There will be absolutely, positively, incontrovertibly NO hand-holding, so if you're not brave, then this is not for you.

Otherwise, go forth! I'm very excited about this writing project & I hope you are too.

Jul. 19th, 2012

Snaps Cup Meme

Because I do whatever [info]stark says, so should you! Pass this stuff around. Anon is on and IP addresses are off. So go -- be positive, be honest, be amazing like you totally are.

1) Comment with your username.

2) Go back to your own IJ and post the link your comment because otherwise, no one will know to come give love or squee over you if you don't tell them about it!

3) Your friends (and other people) will leave ANONYMOUS comments to your comment about all the many reasons that you are WONDERFUL, and then they will comment with THEIR usernames and go post the link to THEIR comments and it will be a giant fresh-baked cookie of love.

Aug. 14th, 2011


Eee! [info]intermods - the clean-up game that has previously been discussed with the lot of us on the journals of the Ladies [info]walburga and [info]lipsofpoison, is now accepting character holds here. So, do go and hold! :)

Dec. 24th, 2010

Sweet hymns of hope;

Guys. I am in love with life.


Nov. 25th, 2010

holidays & what they do to you

[info]brogue had it right when he wrote his 3 AM treatise on love.

Hey, you. Yeah, all of you.

I goddamn motherfucking love you.

I am happy when you are in my life. One day, I am going to buy a farm and we're all going to have a gigantic IJ holiday. I am going to cook my Appalachian/Southern lady ass off. We will eat, drink and be merry little epicureans.

[info]walburga, there will be pumpkin pie. [info]bilo, there will be tofurkey. There will be EVERYTHING.

Now, I am going to post a video. Be thankful it's not Taylor Swift.

Nov. 9th, 2010

i am no bird; and no net ensnares me;

You guys. New Jane Eyre trailer.

FASSBENDER. Mia Wasikowska (lol google is trying to make me spell her name like Malinowski), Dame Dench, that scary dude with the praying mantis daemon from The Golden Compass, Jamie Bell.

FML. If I don't get this in March, I will die.

Aug. 7th, 2010

Now I can die peaceful.